Become a Halal Ready Made Meals Distributor

Halal Ready Made Meals Delivery Van

Halal Readymade Meals are always looking for the opportunity to develop partnerships with food distributors in both the chilled and frozen markets in the following areas

London, Birmingham, Leicester. Bristol, Manchester, Bradford, Middle East, France, Germany as well as Holland

We are looking for partners that can work with us in the halal food service and halal retail space.

Our halal premium meals, halal soups and halal side dishes can be supplied in either a chilled or frozen format. They can be supplied in single portion packs or multi portions.

There is demand for our halal range of premium meal solutions in contract caters, schools, colleges, healthcare, business, cafes, coffee shops

So if you or a friend have the infrastructure and contacts, then help us let your friends and neighbours sample our multi award winning premium halal meal solutions.

Just drop us an email with your details and the type of range you would like to carry

Did you Know?

Halal Facts

Halal is a way of life for UK Muslims, which represent 2.7 million or 4.8% of the total British population – up from 3% in 2001. Half of these are under 25.

Our Awards

Many companies both Halal and non-Halal will tell you their food is great..the best food out there…so do we …but we back this claim up with the awards we've received.


Halal Ready Made Meals have teamed up with the highly respected Halal Food Verification Committee to ensure our products are 100% Halal Verified.

BRC Certified

Halal Ready Made Meals have teamed up with the highly respected BRC Global Standards to ensure our products are safe and of a high quality