Bespoke Halal Product Development

Halal Ready Made Meals Executive Chef

Halal Readymade Meals have a team of experienced chefs, that have developed lines for other companies in the past. These included a British retail brand and a US franchise.  We use only Halal / Muslim meat prepared under strict and certified conditions.

All our recipes and ingredients are 3rd certifed halal.

We operate from a 15,000 sq/ft kitchen that is BRC certified.

Give us your brief and we will work with you in recipe development, bring to scale the product, certification, and packaging, and support you on the path to bring the product to market.

Did you Know?

Halal Facts

Halal is a way of life for UK Muslims, which represent 2.7 million or 4.8% of the total British population – up from 3% in 2001. Half of these are under 25.

Our Awards

Many companies both Halal and non-Halal will tell you their food is great..the best food out there…so do we …but we back this claim up with the awards we've received.


Halal Ready Made Meals have teamed up with the highly respected Halal Food Verification Committee to ensure our products are 100% Halal Verified.

BRC Certified

Halal Ready Made Meals have teamed up with the highly respected BRC Global Standards to ensure our products are safe and of a high quality